The Fold: Ingression Trailer Revealed

Check out the first gameplay trailer for new first-person horror game, The Fold: Ingression. A thriller adventure that mixes Lovecraftian elements with Norse mythology, Ingression’ is the first installment in the ‘The Fold’ universe and due for release in late 2022.

The Fold is a first person thriller adventure with Lovecraftian horror elements set on the Telemark-coast of Norway. Take the role as young norwegian, Amund Vreim, for his strange assignment at the ancient Eikherad stave church as a temp exterminator.

Norwegian Amund Vreim is a part time exterminator and has received his first assignment at Eikherad stave church in Telemark, Norway. Through curious exploration and mysterious obstacles he finds himself in increasingly strange situations and quickly learns that he’s not alone, nor is the job as relaxed as first expected. The massive structure dates back to the end of the viking age and both church and surrounding areas hold many secrets.

It’s a relatively linear game, following a main story, but with several outcomes and variations to the story and environments. The story is based on old Norwegian stories, Norse mythology and traditions with horror elements inspired by the Lovecraft universe.

‘Ingression’ is the first installment in the ‘The Fold’ universe and will take the player on an introduction to those they call ‘The Fold’ and their mysterious ancient worlds.

The Fold: Ingression – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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