Prison Architect: Perfect Storm Revealed On PC and Consoles

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today revealed and launched Prison Architect: Perfect Storm, the next expansion for the popular prison management game. Perfect Storm introduces calamities, like lightning storms, players will manage and overcome to maintain a high standard of living for their inmates. Prison Architect: Perfect Storm is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for a suggested retail price of $9.99 USD/ £7.19 GBP/ €9.99 EUR.

Watch the launch trailer for a glimpse of the calamities in Prison Architect: Perfect Storm.

Calamities can strike at any moment, lowering happiness and increasing unrest among the inmates. Wardens can train staff, apply for grants, and fortify their compound to control a calamity’s impact on their prison. Players are incentivized to create a clean and safe environment for their inmates through calamity preparation, rewarding Wardens who keep their inmates comfortable. Wardens need to think creatively about solving problems, preventing disaster, and overcoming unexpected challenges.

“The calamities in Perfect Storm challenge players to solve problems in creative ways, often requiring them to think ahead when constructing their compound. We’ve worked hard to respectfully present calamities as fun challenges players can overcome using Prison Architect’s signature management gameplay,” says Gaz Wright, Game Director on Prison Architect at Double Eleven. “Like our past expansions, the calamities are inspired by popular prison fiction seen in shows and films. It’s great if players start thinking about these issues more critically and how they could be solved in the real world.”

Prison Architect: Perfect Storm Key Features:

  • Riot Before the Storm – “Calamities,” like Deep Freezes, Heatwaves, Rat Infestations, and Lightning Storms can cause structural damage, lower prison ratings, and wreak havoc in the compound.
  • Come Cell or High Water – Pest Control, Plumbers, Repairmen, and Road Maintenance Emergency Services are available for immediate relief from calamities. Electrician, Cold Control, Fire Safety, First Aid Training, and Pest Removal Training allow staff to mitigate damage and keep things running smoothly.
  • Granted Refuge – Grants for Disaster Relief, Heatwaves, Emergency Protocol, Subsidence, Advanced Staff Training and Utility Retrofit Grant fund much-needed preparations to help ride out Calamities.
  • Raining Rats and Dogs – Check current and forecasted weather conditions, and use weather prediction objects, to stay apprised of any impending disasters.

Launching alongside the Perfect Storm expansion is a free content update for all players called The Tower. This update brings a variety of improvements to Prison Architect including, more foliage, floor types, search dogs, and much more. The Tower also introduces a Non Lethal Sniper Policy, allowing snipers to fire rubber bullets that knock inmates unconscious, but do not kill.

For more information about The Tower update, check out the patch notes here.

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