HAEGIN’s “Super Baseball League” Releases Major Update

Mobile game company, HAEGIN has announced that it will proceed with a major update of the mobile casual sports showdown game “Super Baseball League”.

“Super Baseball League”, a game where you can enjoy casual baseball through intuitive controls and player upgrades will now introduce the club system, as well as bring a new stadium and 9 new characters into the mix.

The addition that stands out the most is the club system which will allow players to come together inside the game. As the first cooperative system being introduced to “Super Baseball League”, a game that was exclusively PvP, anyone will be able to join or create clubs, and players will be awarded with a plethora of rewards just for logging in.

Furthermore, Viva Stadium, known as the Aztec Diamond, has opened its doors, alongside 2 pitchers and 7 batters, for a total of 9 additional characters to the roster.

Viva Stadium, a stadium that captures the aesthetics of Central America, shows off an impressive length at 125m which may prove to be a challenge for players aiming for home runs, but winning with Viva Stadium set as the home stadium will net the winner an additional 20% victory gold bonus.

With this, the difficulty in acquiring points have been rounded out. Moreover, the addition of Free Rewards that are available by visiting the shop every day, new packages, and item additions to the Honor Shop will prove useful for many players.

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