Wrath of Whispers with demos coming to PC first

Indie developer Breaking Point Interactive announced an IndieGoGo funding campaign set to launch September 13th for their supernatural survival game, The Wrath of Whispers, with demos coming to PC first, then consoles and VR at a later date.

The world became an endless Purgatory, where death has people fighting their way out of Limbo as the world around them is consumed by cursed fallout zones and paranormal entities. Players must survive the increasingly harsh seasons & fallout; live off the land & loot abandoned towns; make a home & become self-sufficient, as the years become impossibly unforgiving.

The Supernatural:

Violent spirits may persist near their remains, demons stalk other dimensions and wendigos prowl forests and infest caverns.
Use abilities like astral projection to distract and lure spirits; and equipment to bind and banish creatures.
Fallout zones can have a variety of effects directly afflicting the player and every item in the area. Most types of fallout will have significant penalties on players that go in without wards.

The Environment:

Storms and flooding can destroy structures, quakes can collapse cliff sides and winter’s become unbearably cold.
Hunt, fish, garden, forage and scavenge what you can while you manage your health, body temperature, hydration, hunger, stamina and any afflictions.

The Multiplayer:

Currently supporting 4 player co-op online with the option to play offline. However more players and PVP are being considered as soon as Unity’s DOTS Netcode is considered production ready.

The Survival game mode will have players test their endurance, with some games expected to last years in-game, while the Apocalypse game mode will rapidly intensify and peak with a world ending event. When a player dies they’ll have another chance as they wake in limbo away from their body; where they have to use stealth around a special type of demon to get back to their body as fast as possible. Getting consumed in limbo kills the character which ties into the progression system. The player can use that same character and jump back into the game with friends although there will be some pros and cons that are still being worked out.

“We’ll be releasing pre-alpha demos as each major feature is implemented.” – Nathan

“With or without funding; the direction of development won’t be affected, only the time to get there.” – Nathan

Breaking Point Interactive consists of solo developer Nathan and his wife Katie. He’s been using Unity since 2011 and starting around 2016 shifted more focus from learning art and game design to programming and a bit of marketing leading to a well rounded skill set for building a relatively large game.

Check out the latest Dev Diary for more info!

Dev Diary: https://breakingpoint-interactive.com/news/dev-diary-5
IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-wrath-of-whispers/coming_soon
Discord: https://discord.gg/dsFqq3JxER
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/breaking_point_interactive

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