Warpath released on iOS and Android

It’s time to gear up and load out, as the calvary’s sounding a call that must be heeded. Today, Lilith Games released the long-awaited 5.0 update for Warpath, the free-to-play competitive RTS available on iOS and Android devices. Along with the update, the developer announced that the Brothers Unite community tournament is now live. Mixing both solo and collaborative categories, the tournament allows a wide range of playstyles in an opportunity to win rewards from a prize pool in excess of $20,000.

Warpath 5.0 introduces a new system of upgrading Star Units. The system, called “Prototype.” is accessible once a server has been live for 180 days. In this new upgrading system, Commanders are able to level up their 7.2 Star Units to the newly implemented Modern Units, unlocking new unit types and combat mechanics. The new Unit types included are the Helicopter Unit, which are upgraded Tank Hunters, and Main Battle Tanks, which are upgraded Medium and Heavy Tanks, among others. In addition to the Prototype System, the 5.0 update introduces an FPS mode, putting Commanders in the crossfire and enhancing player immersion with a familiar first-person gameplay option.

Along with this new content drop, Lilith Games is thrilled to announce the start of Warpath’s “Brothers Unite” tournament. This community-driven tournament is divided into three tiered categories: The Best Commander, The Best Band of Brothers, and The Luckiest Commander. The Best Commander event begins at game login, with rankings solely based on a player’s power level grind. The Best Band of Brothers event requires players to pre-register in teams of two, wherein teams will be ranked by the increase of their in-game power level compared to the power levels of both team members at the start of the event. At the end of the event, final rankings will be based on how much a team’s power level has increased. Finally, The Luckiest Commander category is based on mission completion. During the event period, players will collect Medals by completing specific missions active during the tournament. Participants who collect five medals will be able to pull one Prize Drawing raffle ticket. Rewards range from cash prizes and current gen game consoles, to Warpath-themed figurines and in-game currency.

Download Warpath for free on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

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