‘Devstream 164’ features a ‘Warframe’ spellbinding lineup of in-game activities, events, and updates


 Digital Extremes is keeping spirits in Warframe high this spooky season as the developer and publisher treated its millions of Warframe players to a preview of some of the haunting and wholesome fun coming to the online sci-fi action game this October and beyond during Devstream 164. Featuring a spellbinding lineup of in-game activities, events, and updates, Digital Extremes has brewed a bubbling cauldron of action-packed fun for players to sink their teeth into soon along with a first-look at a colored version of its unnamed werewolf-inspired Warframe designed in collaboration with Joe ‘Mad’ Madureira (Darksiders) of Airship Syndicate.

Harness Supreme Eidolon Energy and Celebrate the Orokin Festival of Death with Revenant Prime Access and Nights of Naberus Starting October 5

Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford, joined by Community Director Megan Everett, Lead Designer Pablo Alonso, Lead Concept Artist Eric Vedder, and Lead Sound Designer Erich Preston, kicked off Devstream 164 today with a frightening first-look at Revenant Prime Access, resurrecting an elite, powerful, and dangerous warrior into Warframe’s expanding roster of Prime Warframes to instantly unlock or earn in-game: https://youtu.be/3HD6rfvMOgk

Starting October 5, players can reify the essence of the Eidolon as they wield Revenant Prime’s power, along with his signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and Customizations, to take down even the most frightening of foes. Featuring the signature gold trim of the Prime Vanguard and increased base stats, a variety of Prime Access packs will be available for PC and console platforms for players to instantly add this unstoppable force to their Arsenal. Revenant Prime, Phantasma Prime, and Tatsu Prime can also be resurrected and earned in-game by collecting appropriate Void Relics and crafted in the Foundry aboard the Orbiter. 

Warframe’s annual Nights of Naberus event is rising from the grave October 5, bringing the ancient Orokin festival of death to the Infested moon of Mars, Deimos, where players can celebrate with Daughter of the Entrati family by purchasing themed items with Mother Tokens from her storefront. Mother Tokens can be earned in-game by completing Bounties given by Mother on Deimos, found in the Cambion Drift, or earned by trading certain Resources with Grandmother. Nights of Naberus items released in previous years will once again be available, along with new exclusive offerings including Halloween Liset Decorations, Jack-o-Naught Noggle Statue, Revenant Glyphs, and more.  Plus players can save up to 25% on Day of the Dead bundles from previous years. Nights of Naberus will be available to players for a limited time starting Wednesday, October 5 at 2 p.m. ET before returning to the grave on Wednesday, November 2 at 2 p.m. ET. 

Unite with Digital Extremes in a Quest to Conquer Cancer Starting October 3

Digital Extremes is once again uniting its millions of Warframe players around the world for a global fundraising initiative for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Throughout the month of October for breast cancer awareness, Digital Extremes is calling on Warframe players to unite with fellow players, friends, and family to create a lasting impact to eradicate cancer through support and donations for research and patient treatment services. All month long, Warframe creators will be leading streams to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario with Digital Extremes tracking community donations and unlocking in-game rewards like a Warframe and weapon slot, Boosters, and a new Ephemera for players based on predetermined donation milestones. Alongside in-game bonuses, a collection of exclusive merchandise will be available from the Official Warframe Store with net proceeds donated at the end of the month and considered as contributions towards donation milestones.

Players and community members interested in participating can sign up as an individual or team on Donor Drive. Digital Extremes has created a digital toolkit for its community of creators, including branded overlays and social media assets, designed to help the community create engaging and visually enticing content for their streams. Since kicking off its first Quest to Conquer Cancer initiative in 2020, Warframe’s community of players and creators have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring funding and awareness to breast cancer research.

Even more exciting content is coming to Warframe soon with the Echoes of Veilbreaker update, bringing a wealth of QOL gameplay improvements, expanded Dojo offerings, and other reworks to Veilbreaker. More information about Echoes of Veilbreaker will be available soon.


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