‘Unknown Number: A First Person Talker’ Voice-Controlled Thriller Innovative Game Released

Indie studio godolphin games has today released their voice-controlled thriller – Unknown Number: A First Person Talker.

Unknown Number tells the story of a high-stakes heist, and is experienced entirely through a series of interactive “phone calls”. This adventure will have you cracking passwords, tricking guards, impersonating oil executives – and just generally saving the whole goddamn world – all with your voice.

Watch the Unknown Number Launch trailer

“Billions of people use voice-control around the world… but where is voice in the world of games?” asks Thomas Keane, Creative Director at godolphin games. “Unknown Number is the first game in an all-new, voice-controlled genre: the ‘First Person Talker’. It explores the full diversity of voice as a gameplay mechanic – from talking to whispering, shouting to singing. And it’s here to kickstart the voice revolution in games. Hey Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo – we need to talk.”

Unknown Number starts with a mysterious voicemail from two panicked eco-warriors on an abandoned oil rig. They’re trying to steal $7 billion from the world’s most notorious oil baron, to use in the fight against climate change. But something’s gone terribly wrong – and that’s where you come in.

As the narrative unfolds, you’ll be using voice-commands to talk directly to a rich cast of complex characters – and to solve a wide variety of puzzles. Expect moral quagmires and head-scratching aplenty. Who knows, you might even make it out alive…

In this genre-defying thriller, use your voice to…

NAVIGATE a maze-like oil rig under time pressure
DECODE cryptic passphrases to unlock treasure vaults
MANIPULATE henchmen into abandoning their guard posts
PLEDGE your allegiance to a creepy underground eco-movement
IMPERSONATE high-profile oil execs on conference calls
MAKE crucial moral decisions that impact the story
And of course, TELL your fair share of knock-knock jokes

Will you answer the call?

More information about Unknown Number:

Visit the Unknown Number website: http://www.godolphingames.com/
Follow godolphin games on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/godolphin_games
Like godolphin games on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/godolphin_games
Join the godolphin games Discord channel: http://www.godolphingames.com/discord

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