Unknown Number wins Best PC Indie Game Grand Prize at NYX awards 2022

Unknown Number: A First Person Talker
Unknown Number: A First Person Talker

Indie studio godolphin games is delighted to announce that their radical voice-controlled thriller, Unknown Number: A First Person Talker, picked up 8 awards as part of the internationally renowned NYX Game Awards 2022. Unknown Number launched on Steam in September earlier this year.

The 2022 NYX Awards were held on November 2nd where Unknown Number won: 4x Grand prize awards, in “PC Game – Best Storytelling”, “PC Game – Indie”, “PC Game – Innovation” and “PC Game – Best Audio Design”, as well as 4x Gold prize awards in “PC Game – Adventure”, “PC Game – Best Narrative”, “PC Game – Best Performance” and “PC Game – Puzzle”.

Watch the Unknown Number Launch trailer

“We’re honoured to have Unknown Number recognised on this international stage”, said Thomas Keane, Creative Director of godolphin games. “Our ambition has always been to kickstart the conversation about voice-control in games – and these awards will hopefully inspire other developers to start creating First Person Talkers of their own.”

The first game in an all-new genre called a “First Person Talker”, Unknown Number combines elements from action adventure, interactive story and Alternate Reality Games to create a high-octane gameplay experience. After receiving a call from a stranger, Unknown Number thrusts the player into a daring heist in the middle of the North Sea, and gives them a chance to save the world using nothing but their voice. An innovative voice-controlled adventure told entirely through interactive phone calls, players must talk, sing, whisper and shout their way through challenges and encounters, as well as using the in-game browser to navigate the web to solve a wide variety of puzzles.

In this genre-defying thriller, use your voice to…

  • NAVIGATE a maze-like oil rig under time pressure
  • DECODE cryptic passphrases to unlock treasure vaults
  • MANIPULATE henchmen into abandoning their guard posts
  • PLEDGE your allegiance to a creepy underground eco-movement
  • IMPERSONATE high-profile oil execs on conference calls
  • MAKE crucial moral decisions that impact the story
  • And of course, TELL your fair share of knock-knock jokes

Will you answer the call?

More information about Unknown Number:

About godolphin games
Godolphin games is a new indie studio devoted to exploring “unlikely” gameplay mechanics. It brings together award-winning talent from the world of games, film, and even pop music. Unknown Number: A First Person Talker is their first game, out now on PC for both Mac and Windows.


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