UniverseV: Star Domination on Steam

UniverseV Star Domination on Steam
UniverseV Star Domination on Steam

Indie games publisher and developer Ultimate Universe Studio is releasing UniverseV: Star Domination, a unique 2D turn-based sci-fi strategy game for 1-4 players, today on Steam.

UniverseV: Star Domination will have you conquer the galaxy and defeat the mysterious elder race by building your own fleets and using different ships equipped with modules of your choice with the support of special game cards different for each race.

In UniverseV: Star Domination, you will be able to play 5 different regular races, and 2 extra races in6 completely different arenas. Each race has its own ships, modules for these ships, and game cards that can be the game-changers.

Features UniverseV Star Domination

  • 5 different regular races and 2 extra races.
  • Every race has its own ships and modules for those ships.
  • 6 completely different areas
  • 1 player campaign mode and 4 local players skirmish mode

Additional Information on UniverseV Star Domination

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