Uncharted Waters Online Launches into CH3! “Seven Wonders – Chapter 3: Pharos” 

In its 4 years under Papaya Play’s stewardship, Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) has continued to adapt and improve, always with its global audience in mind. July 6th marks the release of the newest chapter of UWO’s Seven Wonders saga – Chapter 3: Pharos. This update builds on the mechanics and adventures introduced in Seven Wonders, including a new layer of depth for land battles, expansion of level caps and the Detonics skill, new adventures, and two supercharged launch events!

UWO is a historical sailing MMO set in the mid-17th Century, the exciting Age of Discovery, when the furthest corners of the globe remained to be explored. As Captain of your own ship, you are free to make your mark on the world and propel yourself to fame and fortune. Earn a living through trading, exploring, racing, or battling pirates (or through turning to piracy yourself). The latest refinements and additions to these diverse options will be revealed below.

Expanding on the Legacies of Seven Wonders, Chapter 3 features a new Legacy Theme, composed of seven separate Legacies for Captains to reveal. These Legacies involve untangling a trail of historical clues, with the aid of the mysterious Book of Wisdom and other helpful acquaintances met along the way. The newest Legacy Theme revolves around a Wonder of the World that was not recognized as such, until after its destruction.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to study elemental “Attributes”, to infuse these Attributes into weapons and armour, to raise the explosive capabilities of the Detonics skill to new heights, to plunder and appraise valuable items from new Treasure Chests found on defeated NPCs, and to enjoy the biggest boost in years for new or growing Captains!

Elemental Attributes

Extensive knowledge of the fundamental elements and a new Pursuit Production category enables studious Captains to infuse Attributes into their weapons and armour. Once infused, these elemental Attributes bring another layer of complexity and strategy to land battles. When Attributes are ranked up enough, you’ll unlock unique and powerful techs related to your chosen elements!

Treasure Appraisal

Some NPC’s now have a chance to drop special Treasure Chests, of various rarities. These Chests contain rare and valuable items, including hitherto-unavailable premium items! To open these Chests and loot their contents, you’ll need help from the Treasure Appraiser at the Command Center.

Levels Uncapping for Jobs and Detonics Skill

Job levels can now be uncapped to a new maximum of 95, and the first 10 Captains to reach each job’s new maximum will be awarded valuable prizes. The Detonics skill now has the potential to get even stronger, and new Aides, who specialize in handling and protecting a ship from explosive shells, can help further augment your ship’s abilities!

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