TwelveSky 2: Christmas Update contains new dungeons and items

Twelve Sky
Twelve Sky

 TwelveSky 2 (“Karahan”), developed by Bega Games and published by Genius Orc Entertainment, as part of their Christmas update on December 22nd, they revealed a brand-new dungeon, ‘Gold Moon Temple’, as well as a new item feature.

A Gold Moon Temple will open for multiple clans to join simultaneously,
and each clan’s goal will be to protect its Gold Moon Holy Stones to obtain Refining Stones.

One of the materials you can use to boost your equipment’s stats and abilities is refining stone.
Additionally, it can be obtained through various dungeons as well as PvP.

The game becomes more competitive as a result, but all of these elements require more cooperation as well.

Furthermore, the Christmas events feature a range of formats, from daily login bonuses to the dungeon ‘Christmas Citadel’.

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