Introducing new combat racing game ‘Turbo Sloths’ by RainStyle Games

Turbo Sloths – new combat racing game by RainStyle games. A whole new concept of racing vehicles, loaded with weaponry and spiced up with familiar handling system seen in good old NFS games.


The game offers a story mode that unfolds in approximately 8 hours of gameplay, whereby you get to meet the heroes and villains of Turia, build your very own Turbojunk vehicle, rig parts onto it, upgrade, buy and sell them as well as visually customize your monster.

This game is a great choice, if you wish to spend a nice warm evening by competing against your friends in the split screen mode.

Of course, there’s also an option for those of you, who don’t favor story modes at all, and simply want to ride and enjoy diverse and gorgeous landscapes Turia can boast of.

TurboSloths offers both classical racing modes, such as sprint, lap race, flat-out, and something completely new, like destruction derby against robots, and of course Bosses.

The bosses in our game can be split into two categories: the unique opponents you compete against in races, and huge deadly machines that can blow your mind away, when you first meet them.

As you play, you’ll discover a vast variety of weapons and other technical means, like rockets, mines, a machine gun, a shield, etc., to give you an advantage, and therefore also show the opponents who truly rules the road.

We have also cranked up the ‘nitrous oxide’ thing, to make it work in a whole new way for racing game.

Apart from all the stuff mentioned, the racing track are packed with obstacles, which include flammable barrels, robots of different kinds, traps and turrets – all of these serve but one purpose – to slow you down, or even burn you to a crisp.

Weather will dynamically change: you’ll race against thugs after nightfall, and take part in official League races, as well as under pouring rain and in searing heat.

We have come up with our own physical model for vehicles and done our best to make the handling as friendly as possible for skilled and amateurs alike.

We’ve designed a great variety of diverse tracks with straight sections for you to feel the speed along with more curvy sections for more skilful racers. Tracks vary by difficulty, with sharp turns, elevations, and turn-offs – everyone will find a track to their liking.

If you favour the old-school racing games, and yet are open for discoveries, our project might very well meet your preferences. We’re trying hard to push the boundaries of the genre, by adding something new and bringing together the unfathomable.


Welcome to the Turia planet. Its soil houses the most power-efficient mineral ever to exist across the Universe – the turanium. With it in their firm grasp, the Sloths have colonized the worlds within their reach. They are a highly intelligent race of tech-heads and industrialists, for whom there are no insurmountable barriers, they just bring them down and go for more.

Turia and entertainment are as different, as chalk and cheese, yet there is one thing locals enjoy the most and the name for their passion is «racing». When you have access to powerful fuel, ordinary cars just get toasted into a crisp, so this is the point where you seek a more horse power-loaded beast.
The Wasteland League is the most prestigious championship around these parts.

Only the multi-ton Turbojunks can qualify for the races. And the one and only task for you to tackle is to speed up this oversized monster and cross the finish line first. To leave them all is about more than just pedal to the metal, it is also about infusing even more power into your metal companion: use special chain boosters, heed your inner voice for the right turn up the heat to preserve inertia and rush on. Only the most desperate Sloths have got what it takes to win over and over again!

Our journey begins, as a young yet ambitious sloth, hell-bent on racing and winning, stumbles upon a crumbled, mutilated body of a turbojunk. A friend of our protagonist, an old talented mechanic Joe, gives him a hand in rebuilding the vehicle and setting it up for the races to qualify for participation in the Wasteland League, a highly prestigious championship on Turia.

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