Turbo Golf Racing Mid-Season Update for the PC and Xbox brings more Levels, Power Cores and much more


Hugecalf Studios has unleashed a gigantic free Mid-Season Update for the PC and Xbox sports-racing mash-up Turbo Golf Racing, with fan-requested features including cross-platform parties and global leaderboards at the top of the list. Servers across PC, Xbox platforms and Game Pass are now live with a host of new features, courses, gameplay-altering Power Cores and even a new car, all for free, along with various tweaks and bug fixes.    

The full list of new content now live:

New and improved Party System: Cross-platform parties are now live across PC and Xbox platforms. Players can now add ‘TGR Friends’ using a friend code from any platform, and see other player vehicles in the lobby

Leaderboards: Multiplayer and Time Trial leaderboards have now been added, accessible via the Time Trial tab

Six New Levels: Rough Hill; Hurricane Lane; Three Peaks; Endurance; Par 5; Avalanche

New Active Power Core: Ice Lock – Freezes your ball in its current position for a short while

New Passive Power Core: Big Shot – Increases your ball hit power 

New Car: Ratoon

New Ball: Engine

Quick Chat emote changes:
Added: Good Luck; Good Game; Thanks; Well Played; Sorry!
Removed: GG; GLHF; Party Face

New Cosmetics and Community Decals

  • Ratoon Car Body
  • Glider Spoiler
  • Vector Wheels
  • Claws Wheels
  • Shutter Club Shield
  • Diamond Decal
  • Cross Decal
  • Side Fade Decal
  • Side Fade Extra Decal
  • Catfish Decal (Community-created)
  • Burn Decal (Community-created)
  • Impact Decal (Community-created)
  • Floral Decal (Community-created)
  • Digital Finish
  • Crosshair Avatar
  • Volcano Booster
  • Earth Booster
  • Storm Booster

In addition to new content, today’s Mid-Season Update introduces various hotfixes. The full list is visible on the official update blog.

What’s next for Turbo Golf Racing? We’re not quite ready to unveil details about Season Two just yet, but the updated content roadmap is now available:  

Turbo Golf Racing is out now on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Microsoft Store with an RRP of £14.99 | €17.99 | $17.99. It is also available via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

It is our current expectation that Turbo Golf Racing’s Early Access period will last approximately 12 months.


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