Top Hat Studios Adds ‘Labyrinth of the Demon King’ and ‘The Lost and The Wicked’ to their portfolio

Top Hat Studios Adds 'Labyrinth of the Demon King' and 'The Lost and The Wicked' to their portfolio
Top Hat Studios Adds 'Labyrinth of the Demon King' and 'The Lost and The Wicked' to their portfolio

Top Hat Studios, a trailblazing New York based indie publisher and porting house of more than 20 titles, announced the signing of two new games to their label, Labyrinth of the Demon King and The Lost and The Wicked.  Known for collaborating with emerging and innovative artists to bring their unique visions to gamers worldwide, Top Hat Studios games range from colorful and quirky, to action-packed and neon-drenched, to the outright bizarre, and everything in between. 

“Labyrinth of the Demon King and The Lost and The Wicked are perfect examples of the exciting games and developers we love to work with. We aim to help both indie and solo developers bring their titles to market across multiple platforms and store fronts leveraging our full suite of publishing, business and funding development, and porting expertise,” said Andy Andi Han, Executive Producer and Publishing Lead for Games at Top Hat Studios.

Developed by one-man studio J. R. Hudepohl and planned for a multi-platform release, Labyrinth of the Demon King is a brilliant ode to classic Japanese-developed horror themed PlayStation 1 games like Resident Evil,  Silent Hill, and King’s Field, as well as other inspirations such as Condemned: Criminal Origins. A first-person survival horror game set in feudal Japan possessing an intense focus on a dark atmosphere, stealth exploration, and brutal first person combat, Labyrinth of the Demon King is in an epic steeped in traditional Japanese folklore and mythology; a tale of vengeance to track down the demon who betrayed your lord and end its life. Complete with a PS1 style dither filter, the game pays homage to the origins of timeless Japanese horror game franchises, with a touch of influence from Akira Kurosawa to boot.  

THE LOST AND THE WICKED – Publishing Announcement Trailer (YOUTUBE)
The Lost and The Wicked, developed by Issac Torres, is a brutal twin-stick psycho-thriller currently available on Steam and coming to consoles. Based on a real psychoactive trip by the developer, players wake up shipwrecked, in a wicked world, with no memories of their own. Battle through hectic gameplay featuring a unique grunge art style and an original pulse pounding 2+ hour soundtrack that accompany you as you fight monsters and bosses to learn more about the world, how you got there, and unlock your past.

“If you look at our extensive portfolio of games, both Labyrinth of the Demon King and The Lost and The Wicked exemplify our ethos in embracing and elevating games of all kinds,” commented Executive Producer Andy Andi Han, at Top Hat Studios. “Having started as a grassroots game developer ourselves, we know that creativity comes in all forms, and the most interesting ideas tend to fall by the wayside of the mainstream due to cultural zeitgeists. It is our mission to identify these ideas and ensure they are still fully realized today”.

Top Hat Studios works with all major game codebases such as Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMaker, and Monogame to deliver games to multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation. Managing a stockpile of SDKs and dev kits, Top Hat Studios diverse portfolio includes hits such as FrogunSonzaiSheepoOva Magica and many other titles. The company is also well known for their success with crowdfunding, providing the industry’s leading consulting and marketing service for game developers.

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