To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Battle Royale” Update Released

Mobile game company, HAEGIN has announced that it will add the new minigame “To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Battle Royale” to the mobile casual social game “Play Together”.

“To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Battle Royale”, as the name suggests, is a competitive game mode where players fight to be the last player standing. The game can be accessed form Kaia Island’s Plaza through the “Nick Vury” NPC. After talking to Nick Vury, the player will then move to the waiting area. Jumping off from the waiting area will queue the player up for a game of “To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Battle Royale”, and the game will begin when a total of 8 players have been gathered. Player entries will not be allowed mid-game.

“To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Battle Royale” is a game where players will have to find and use equipment that suits their playstyle from the field, then enhance their equipment to better their odds to be the last player standing in this real time battle.

One thing to take note of will be the mind-games surrounding the various covert tactics, area-of-effect explosions, weapons provided mid-game, and healing items that players will engage in that will add another layer of fun to the game.

Around 80 new insects such as the stag beetle, scarab, butterfly, etc. will now appear all over “Kaia Island”. These insects can be found around the Camping Ground, Plaza, Downtown, and various places around the island. Catching these insects will add them to the Insect Collection, which keeps a record of the type and size of each insect.

“Bug Nets”, which are essential to catching insects, can be acquired from the NPC “Grossard”, who can be found at the Camping Ground. Furthermore, caught insects can be exchanged for Stars which is another currency which can be used in the game.

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