City-Building Game ‘These Doomed Isles’ Playable Demo available on Steam

Raise islands, build settlements and survive waves of raiders, natural disasters and mythical monstrosities in These Doomed Isles, a roguelike city-building game launching on Steam in summer 2023.

Published by Fireshine Games and introduced at EGX London, These Doomed Isles fuses classic god games with survival city construction and roguelike deck-builders. Craft your deck to raise islands from the sea, build settlements for your followers and help them survive as famine threatens, forests burn and raiders loom on the horizon.

A playable demo of These Doomed Isles is currently available to download on Steam as part of this weekend’s TactiCon, and can also be played in person at EGX London.

Game Features ‘These Doomed Isles’

  • Raise Islands – Craft a deck of cards to create land and place forests, rivers, mountains and more. Bring the world to life with powerful cards, relics and miracles.
  • Build Settlements – Build homes for your followers, carefully manage their requirements and give them the tools they need to harness the power of the environment you’ve created.
  • Draw Cards – Manage the cards in your deck to ensure you can thrive (or, at the very least, survive) until the next harvest. Build your deck any way you want to find creative solutions to the challenges that you’ll face.
  • Survive – Face increasing challenges as natural disasters scar your land and waves of raiders and mythical monstrosities attack from beyond the horizon. Learn from your failures and try a different strategy every time that you play.

“I’m a big fan of classic god games, and wanted to deliver a new spin on the genre by combining them with players’ love for city-building and deck-builders,” said Andrew Stewart, Triplevision Games. “We’re excited to shape this game with the help of our awesome community and deliver the game that players want.”

“As soon as we started playing These Doomed Isles, we knew Andrew was onto something special,” said Sean Campbell, Product Manager at Fireshine Games. “It’s one of those games with that ‘just-a-few-minutes-more’ factor, which is something we always look for in a game. If we love it (and we do!), we know there will be players out there who share that same feeling.”

These Doomed Isles can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. For more information, follow @triplevisgames on Twitter or visit

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