The White Raven approaching Nintendo Switch stretch goal


Open-World Tactical RPG’s Kickstarter is over 400% funded and approaching Nintendo Switch stretch goal with 48hrs left to go.

Open-World Tactical RPG that sees you as an otherworldly spiritual detective is currently in the last 48 hours of their Kickstarter campaign and they are close to hitting their Nintendo Switch stretch goal.

Heading into the final 48 hours of their campaign, they’ve managed to amass support from over 2000 backers, resulting in a funding rate of over 400% – unlocking stretch goals along the way such as adding a new character and including all new secret areas that you can discover while traversing the open world.

Their next stretch goal is at USD $155,000, which will allow them to port the game over to the Nintendo Switch.

About White Raven

The White Raven is an open-world tactical RPG set against the backdrop of dark and spiritual hellscapes full of intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery. In your quest to uncover the truth behind the night of two moons, you will hone your skills, face countless enemies, gain allies, and savor the freedom in exploring the rich world around you.