The Walking Dead™: Last Mile (TWD:LM) ​ Act Two launched today

Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment announced today that the Facebook exclusive The Walking Dead™: Last Mile (TWD:LM) ​ Act Two launched today. The groundbreaking The Walking Dead experience continues its four month run with new story content that unfolds daily with key plot decisions being impacted by the audience. TWD:LM is the first-ever entertainment experience to run live across both Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming.

As Act One came to a close, the relationship between the Plant and the Village became more strained than ever. At the Plant, a deadly invisible gas created multiple problems – while in the Village, Marlena’s grief and Remi’s souring attitude sowed seeds of doubt. Abe decided to host a potlatch to bring the two groups together, but it didn’t have the intended effect. Now, Villagers are coming down with a mysterious illness, and some critical Plant Workers were kidnapped. 

As winter’s full force descends on Prosper Landing, things grow dire for both groups as they prepare for the end of winter when the recently discovered frozen walker herd will thaw and grapple with the latest horror: saltwater walkers shambling out of the bay. In the Village, Doc searches for a cure to the unknown illness, Remi suffers a setback, and a thief threatens health and safety. At the Plant, Tara leads the charge to rescue the kidnapped Plant Workers, everyone struggles to maintain morale in the face of fatigue and starvation, and sickness and death make fixing Glacier Point even more unlikely. 

TWD:LM has also seen a number of improvements to the overall experience and new features added for Act Two, including:

  • Survival Mode: In the new Survival mode, players will be able to participate in more rewards with the escalating threat of death by rolling random mission objectives and mission conditions. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. ​ 
  • New Mini-Games: Two new mini-games, Gun Sorting and Weapon Making. 
  • New Bidding System: With “My Impact” players can see how their bid affected the outcome of the story. 
  • Refreshing Timeline: Players can see how the choices they have made affect the narrative throughout the entire MILE (Massively Interactive Live Event).

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