The Matriarch is to launch

Midway between ‘The Escapists’ and ‘Among Us’, ‘The Matriarch’ is an online party game where players emulate BOTs’ behavior to hide from an evil Matriarch (also controlled by a player) who has to identify and sacrifice the player characters. On top of hiding from the Matriarch, players have to cooperate to find the exit and escape the satanic convent.

With over 27 million views, The Matriarch gained popularity on Tiktok at the beginning of the year and was featured during the OTK game expo, hosted on Asmongold’s twitch channel in June. After several rounds of Beta-tests, the game is to launch on Steam on September 27th.

Key features The Matriarch

Play as a Matriarch and identify and sacrifice all Sinners before they escape.
Patrol the convent and observe the sisters
Keep track of those with suspicious behavior…
…or be unpredictable and catch them off guard!

Play as a Sinner and
Emulate the BOTs to avoid drawing attention to yourself.
Wait for the right opportunity to go underground.
Dig to find the path that will lead you to the exit.
Collaborate with other Sinners to unlock the exit

Customize your games: Experiment with the round timers, number of tiles, random roles, and more! Unlock new sacrifice devices: Giant cross, Guillotine, Pyre, Venomous Snakes…the choice is yours! Play on public servers and meet new players, or open up your own private server and play with a group of friends. Enjoy free updates that will bring more maps and customization options!

Steam: Price: 5 USD
Genre: Party
Developer: Chewa (Game designer / Independent Developer)

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