The Hungry Fly Teaser Reveal

The Hungry Fly Teaser Reveal
The Hungry Fly Teaser Reveal

Erupting Avocado announced today their very intimate project The Hungry Fly, which is planned to release in 2023. The launch of the teaser and the Steam page reveals the second title from the independent studio.

Watch the teaser :

About The Hungry Fly

The Hungry Fly is a narrative horror fairy tale where you embody a fly, discover a grotesque and surreal rich story, make impactful decisions, and eat rotten corpses. Get on a disturbing journey to eat a mysterious creature living in a bath, and realize that maybe in your life, you eat rotten corpses too.

Key features The Hungry Fly

  • Play as a dirty fly
  • Exploration game with casual mechanics
  • Interactive story with 2 different endings
  • Disturbing and existential tale
  • Meet depressing caterpillars
  • Playtime of about 1h