Tavernacle! Release Starts with a Free Demo on Steam

Dama Dama Games is bringing their co-op tower-defense game Tavernacle! to Steam in early 2023, but the fun starts now with a free demo available as a part of Steam Tacticon! Taking place in the fantasy world of Upper-Left Earth, Tavernacle! challenges up to 4 determined defenders to join together, gather supplies and build towers to protect the precious brewery from monsters determined to raze it to the ground. Blending resource collection and crafting with tower construction, each level devolves into a chaotic sequence of collecting various building materials and constructing or upgrading towers whilst avoiding enemy attacks and spells.

Each of the realms within Tavernacle! present their own distinct challenges and battlefields to overcome. Choosing the right towers to match each wave of enemies and managing resources are both crucial to success. Assess what tower type is most effective against upcoming enemies and ensure that your team of Dwarves has collected the resources needed to both construct and upgrade those towers to avoid being overwhelmed by the waves of monsters approaching. The combination of managing resources and tower construction makes Tavernacle! a tower defense experience like no other, and ensures every adventure in this treacherous world is an engaging, albeit chaotic, experience.

Given its creators formed their team from a small group of friends, it’s no surprise that co-operative play is the key ingredient in Tavernacle!. With both local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players, anyone can get involved in the quest to beat back the beasties, protect the brewery and toast to one another in the inevitable post-fight feast!


  • A combination of resource gathering and tower-defense gameplay ensures maximal chaos at every turn
  • Local and online co-op options for up to 4 Dwarves to defeat hordes together
  • Each enemy type and battlefield presents unique challenges that must be overcome through intelligent tower placement and resource collection
  • A free demo is available now as a part of Steam Tacticon for players keen to dive right into the world of Upper Left Earth

Tavernacle! will task players with protecting the precious Dwarven brewery in Early 2023, but the Steam Tacticon demo is available to download now! To keep up to date with everything going on in Upper-Left Earth visit the Dama Dama Games website, join the Tavernacle! Discord, and follow Dama Dama Games on Twitter!

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