Sci-Fi Tales of Tomorrow: Experiment Set To Release

You are a space explorer onboard the SSV KNOSSOS, you awake with no memories or recollection of your past, only you and the ship AI, AR.I.A. are onboard.
AR.I.A. is all smiles… as long as you comply. Giving you increasingly challenging tasks and puzzles, AR.I.A. tests your abilities as an obedient human.
Succeed, and AR.I.A . will reward you, fail… and you will be punished.
Duality Games, veteran creators of multiple indie game hits including Barn Finders, Accident and Unholy are gearing up for the release of their latest project, Tales of Tomorrow: Experiment, on the 23rd of September 2022!
 The game is available to wishlist on steam today, so make sure to visit to not miss out! On launch the game will feature a 20% discount from its original price of $/£ 9.99.
Tales of Tomorrow: Experiment is a Sci-Fi short story game where you play the role of a lone passenger on board the SSV KNOSSOS, with the ship’s AI, AR.I.A., your only company and commander. Players are quickly thrown into a race against time, as AR.I.A.’s ‘smiling’ screens and cameras follow your every move and give you ever increasingly difficult orders to follow, all against the clock, leaving little time to ponder the reasons behind your awakening on the SSV KNOSSOS.
Will you keep AR.I.A.happy, and gain its favour, or will your hunger for knowledge and answers upset the machine and lead you one step closer to the hangar, to be thrown in space’s deadly hollow never to be found again?
The choice is yours, treat AR.I.A. as an ally and please it, and maybe you’ll survive, anger it and and you may never discover your past.
Haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is!
Key Features Tales Of Tomorrow

  • Receive tasks from the ship AI – AR.I.A. and obey its rules at all times
  • Uncover the mystery behind the ships AI, and your reason for awakening on the ship
  • Perform all the tasks set out to you, to the best of your ability or don’t… and perish
  • Receive rewards for your efforts or face the consequences of your insubordination

While you are here, why not grab some free wallpapers from Tales of Tomorrow: Experiment, you can find them here
“We are proud to finally be  able to release Tales of Tomorrow: Experiment, as always the team has worked tirelessly to develop this game and we couldn’t be happier with the end result” said Michał Szewerniak, Game Director and Vice President of the Management Board of Duality Games. “I’m sure fans of Sci-Fi games and movies will love the game, I can imagine players will dive in with two mindsets, some will chose to obey the machine, and others revolt, let’s see who lives longer”
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