XD. Inc’s high octane hero shooter ‘T3 Arena’ is headed to the Google Play

T3 Arena
T3 Arena

XD. Inc’s high octane hero shooter T3 Arena is headed to the Google Play store this fall, with pre-registration available now. First released in iOS and TapTap earlier this year and counting with over 3 million downloads so far, T3 Arena puts players in fast-paced 3v3 matches across multiple maps and with a vast arsenal of characters to choose from.

Choose from one of over 20 characters to play as, each with their own unique sets of abilities and weapons. From Hua Ling with her compound bow to Aleta with her auto pistols, there’s a character to fit everyone’s playstyle. T3 Arena also includes over a dozen modes to choose from including classics like team deathmatch to crystal assault, where each team works together to prevent their crystals from shattering.

T3 Arena makes its way to the Google Play store this fall. Pre-registration is available now. For more information, players can follow the game on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Features List:

  • Engage in fast-paced three minute matches
  • Choose from over 20 characters and level them up to unlock unique skills
  • 7 unique game modes across 19 maps
  • Casual and competitive game modes
  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger teamwork


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