T3 Arena Introduces New Legendary Character on iOS and Android

Hero shooter T3 Arena has released its September update that’s available today on iOS and Android. The update includes access to a new Mythic character Fort, a career overview, new skins, and other quality of life improvements.

Fort enters the battlefield as T3 Arena’s first Mythic tank/control hybrid character. Equipped with his antimatter missiles, each shot fired at enemies will stick to them and explode shortly after. Fort has multiple abilities including Antimatter Barrier, which projects a shield in front of him and allows him to attack enemies while it’s up. 

The latest update also includes a brand new MVP system and career overviews, which gives players in-depth stats on their match history and how they’ve progressed over time. Additionally, new chat features are being added that introduce a new social aspect to the game. A few existing characters including Labula and Johnny Jet will also receive balance changes in the update. 

T3 Arena and the September update are available now on iOS and Android. To play with like-minded fans, players can join the Discord server. For more details on T3 Arena, follow the game on YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Features List T3 Arena

  • Engage in fast-paced three minute matches
  • Choose from over 20 characters and level them up to unlock unique skills
  • 7 unique game modes across 19 maps
  • Casual and competitive game modes
  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger teamwork

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