‘Super Buckyball Tournament’ will be released via Steam on November 15, 2022

'Super Buckyball Tournament' will be released via Steam on November 15, 2022
'Super Buckyball Tournament' will be released via Steam on November 15, 2022

Pathea Games has announced that their upcoming multiplayer ball game Super Buckyball Tournament is scheduled to hit full release via Steam on November 15, 2022.

Super Buckyball Tournament is a multiplayer hero sports game featuring 3v3 team-based combat in cyberpunk-themed stadiums. The game will be available as a full release title on PC via Steam Store on November 15, 2022, with a seasonal battle pass and regular content updates after launch.

Discover what it takes to be part of Super Buckyball Tournament with the release date announcement trailer: [TRAILER]

Along with the release date announcement, Pathea Games has also revealed that Super Buckyball Tournament will participate in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, from October 3 to October 10. During the event, players are welcome to try out the Beta version for free and experience adrenaline-charged multiplayer combat.

Key Features:

Dynamic Gameplay

Each 6-minute match is fresh and stimulating thanks to dynamic gameplay and an interesting variety of characters & ability combos, which ultimately allows players to strategize in innumerable ways.

Characters and Abilities
The official launch on November 15 will welcome 19 characters, with each character having it’s own unique attributes and skillsets that will determine the results of the game.

Advanced Teamplay
With assisted passing mechanics, passing has never been so easy in sports games. The emphasis on teamplay has allowed for quick passing opportunities and smooth collaborative plays.

Game Modes
Besides standard 3v3 game modes, the game will feature an Arcade Mode with Basketball, Dodgeball and Item mode for a more casual experience.

Super Buckyball Tournament is also scheduled to add a Singleplayer game mode where players will become the manager of a team, control every aspect of operations and lead the club from the bottom all the way to the champions of the Super Buckyball Tournament series.

Background Story

The story of Super Buckyball Tournament sets in a non-distant future where cybernetics, genetic manipulation, and body manipulation technology allowed humans to be more powerful as well as more distinct. As a sport exclusively designed for enhanced humans, Super Buckyball allowed people from different societies and backgrounds to compete on the field. Super Buckyball Tournament has been introduced since then, as a cross-border, international league with teams from around the world.

The game was initially announced back in April 2019 by Chinese independent studio Pathea Games, who was previously known for their My Time franchise, including My Time at Portia and recently released My Time at Sandrock.

According to Pathea Games, the development of Super Buckyball Tournament is completely independent from the My Time Series, as Pathea Games aim to explore new territories rather than only sticking with the traditional life-simulation genre.

The project has been in development for over 5 years, with a dedicated group of developers and multiple playtests through the past 2 years. On November 2020, Pathea Games launched Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason, a trial version for Super Buckyball Tournament. It was well received with over 120K downloads and 86% positive reviews over the course of 2 weeks.

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