Summoners War: Chronicles, will launch in North America on PC and mobile devices

Get ready to discover the origins of Summoners War in an all new adventure! Today, Com2uS, the world-renowned developers of the beloved RPG fantasy franchise boasting over 160 million downloads worldwide, have announced that the series’ highly anticipated cross-platform MMORPG prequel, Summoners War: Chronicleswill launch in North America on PC and mobile devices this November with console to follow. Following its August 2022 launch in Korea, Summoners War: Chronicles ranked as #1 game in the country’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store charts, showcasing promise for its future regional launches. 

Summoners can now pre-register for Summoners War: Chronicles here to earn exclusive rewards ahead of its North American launch, and check out the all-new gameplay trailer here.

For more details on the Summoners War: Chronicles’ storyline and gameplay features, see below: 


  • Summoners War: Chronicles begins long before the events taking place in the existing titles, Summoners War: Sky Arena and Summoners War: Lost Centuria. The story unravels in the Rahil Kingdom, a fantasy realm regaining peace after two great wars, when a mysterious enemy emerges with a plot for destruction. Players will step into the shoes of three recent graduates from the Rahil Magic Academy, who will embark on a great adventure to protect the kingdom as Rahil Guiards. 
  • In the game, players will adventure across five distinct maps, each with varying landscapes and mysteries within including the Rudelin of the green grassland, Tesca of the Scorching Desert, Ayah of the Red, Yellow and Night forest, Flurence of Wintera, Rukurangma of the Volcanic Canyon and an all new dungeon: White Shadow Castle Wall.


  • Using their summoning powers, players will have the ability to deploy over 350 different monsters with five different attributes. The appearance and skills of the monster will vary based on its attributes, and can only be awakened once the player has achieved certain milestones. The fundamental factor in gameplay, which has also been the reason behind Summoners War: Sky Arena’s success for over 8 years, will be the player’s strategy around creating the best combination of monsters for each scenario.
  • Players will battle in real-time across mobile and PC, where they can take part in various single-player (Kingdom Expedition, Two types of Ascensions), co-op (field event, party dungeon) and competitive play styles in an open world map. When players join a guild, they can request gifts or select items from the guild shop. Voice chat is supported in-game to enable closer communication between guild members. 
  • For the first time ever, players will also be able to dive into the immersive stories behind Summoners War’s fan-favorite monsters.

Summoners War: Chronicles is free to play and will support crossplay on PC, Android and iOS platforms at launch, and will later be available on Xbox. Chronicles will be available on Google’s PC gameplay platform, Google Play Games (GPG), providing global players with an enjoyable cross-platform gameplay experience on mobile and PC. By collaborating with Google, Summoners War: Chronicles will feature the flexibility for players worldwide to experience the game at home on their PC or pick up their session and play on-the-go via their mobile phone. 

For more information on Summoners War: Chronicles, visit the game’s website here.

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