Story-driven Anime ‘Flightpath’ demo is particpating in the Steam Next Fest

Illogic Games presents Flightpath, an anime story-based shoot’em up whose demo is participating in the Steam Next Fest in October 2022. Select a character and make choices that impact their flight path and the outcome of their story. Flightpath is scheduled for release in January 2023.

Flightpath’s Demo on Steam
Flightpath – Official Trailer

Useful Flightpath Links

Steam page –
Trailer –

Pick “Kath”, a mechanical spaceship engineer, A.J., a disgraced ex-detective or “Max”, a professional aeroracer, craft your spaceship, explore a variety of worlds as you decide their flight path, in every sense of the word, in their quest to overthrow the crime syndicate that rules the planet Venaris.

Flightpath Game Features

  • Shape the course of the game – Your choices affect the story on many levels. (friends, enemies, fights and the end of the story).
  • Meet 3 characters with unique stories. Discover the different storylines of Kath, A.J., and Max.
  • Customize your spaceship. Upgrade your weapons and much more
  • Procedural top-down shoot’em up – Maximum replayability of fights
  • Explore 10 unique worlds. From a junky yard to the asteroid belt passing by lava, jungle, desert…
  • Play again – Choose another character, make other choices and enjoy great replayability with procedurally generated shoot’em up levels

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