Kwalee will publish BlueGooGames’ upcoming game ‘Space Chef’

Leading UK games publisher Kwalee is pleased to announce a publishing deal with Swedish developer, BlueGooGames. Through this partnership, Kwalee will publish BlueGooGames’ upcoming game, Space Chef.

We are so happy to partner with BlueGooGames and add Space Chef to Kwalee’s diverse portfolio of games,” said Max Everingham, Head of PC and Console Publishing at Kwalee“The team at BlueGooGames is ambitious and we are honoured to be working with them – yeeehah!!!”

“We’re very excited to announce that we’re working with Kwalee as a publisher to help with funding, marketing and QA. This allows us to focus on the actual development and making Space Chef the best cooking/action/survival game possible. Everyone at Kwalee is genuinely interested and invested in us and our game. We can’t wait to launch Space Chef together with them”, said Niclas Marie, Project Lead, BlueGooGames. 

Space Chef is a 2D open-world action/cooking adventure game. Play on your own or with up to 3 friends in a local couch co-op to build up the best restaurant in the galaxy.

The game is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023. You can add Space Chef to your Steam wishlist now.

In Space Chef, you are an aspiring chef with only a simple space-trailer and the remnants of your grandma’s cookbook to your name. Will you rise to the challenge? Build your home, explore the galaxy, cook up cosmic cuisine, and become the greatest space chef in the universe!

Cook with out-of-this-world ingredients 

Chop, grill and fry your way to success using a big selection of the finest alien ingredients.

Shotgun or spatula?

Explore the galaxy to hunt for ingredients; from your own basement to the distant ice planet of Cubo, home to the most dangerous lemmings in the universe. The Ratoid in your basement might look disgusting, but a starving Zublorgian will pay good money for a grilled one on a plate with some cheese.

Deliver your food across the galaxy

Some places are more fatal than interesting, but Rusty Town is one settlement where you’ll find nice, hungry customers.Don’t miss Zlurka’s for drinks, gossip and some late night Graffle-riding. Beware of the Galactic Police if you’re smuggling illegal ingredients, like the rare stinking red Blurgon Fruit.

Everyone’s hungry

Watch out for hungry space pirates, who will do anything to stop you from delivering your food. Defend yourself using a space blaster built from an old broken BBQ and some gunpowder. Or make some delicious deliveries to the pirate leader and have them as allies against competing food delivery services.

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