‘Soulstone Survivors’ Launches Into Early Access on November 7th

Soulstone Survivors Launches Into Early Access on November 7th
Soulstone Survivors Launches Into Early Access on November 7th

 Game Smithing Limited is thrilled to announce that Soulstone Survivors will be launching into Early Access on November 7th. The heavily anticipated horde survival title has players chomping at the bit for a chance to collect the coveted Soulstones. Thankfully, Void Hunters eager to take on hordes of endless minions can play a brand new demo during Steam Next Fest from October 3rd through October 10th.

Marking a significant step forward in the horde survival genre, Soulstone Survivors offers true player agency, depth, and variety with every run. The Early Access launch will feature over 140 skills, 20 weapons, and 20 runes for Void Hunters to experiment with and master across 5 maps. Paired with a cast of 14 available characters, all with their own unique traits and abilities, no two builds will ever align. Looking ahead, the full release will boast 345 skills, 105 weapons, and 48 runes. Venturing forth across 10 maps as one of the 21 available characters, the Lords of the Void will surely be trembling as they await for the Void Hunters’ arrival.

During Steam Next Fest, players will have the opportunity to take the role of three of the new characters being introduced in Early Access. Wielding a battle-worn sword, the Spellbreaker slices through foes as if they were thin air. From the Arcane Weaver’s powerful staff comes magical missiles that sweep across the battlefield. Whether a single shot or a rain of arrows, minions will face the severe consequences of getting caught in the Sentinel’s eagle-eyed line of sight. Joining the Barbarian, the Pyromancer, and the Hound Master, the six available characters offer a brief glimpse into what’s to come with the Early Access launch. 

Wish to vanquish the Lords of the Void? Explore the breadth of Void Hunter builds within the Steam Next Fest demo right now, and prepare to take on the endless hordes when Soulstone Survivors launches into Early Access on November 7th.

Key Features

  • Dozens of skills to discover, such as Poison Bomb, Rain of Arrows, Ground Slam, etc.
  • Hundreds of power-ups to empower your character and skills
  • Large cast of characters, with new ones constantly added to the game
  • Dozens of weapons to craft, greatly changing the playstyle of your characters
  • Deep skill tree to increase your base power
  • Dozens of runes to unlock and equip, giving you unique powers but also unique challenges
  • Select modifiers to make your runs even more challenging, but with much greater rewards


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