Souldiers Launch Trailer Revealed By Retro Forge Games

Enjoy the launch trailer of Souldiers, released the 2th of June.

The Valkyries said you were going to die, so you accepted their offer and crossed the portal along with the rest of your army.

They told you to find «The Keeper of the Gates», so you can transition from this temporary place to the land of the dead. Ragnarok awaits.

Travel Terragaya after your destiny. Will you resign yourself to the laws of the other world? Or will you claim your own way?

Souldiers – Launch Trailer

Key Features

  • Retro style pixel art
  • Huge 2D open world with many zones interconnected
  • Choose between several character classes with unique progression and abilities to fit your fighting style
  • Dynamic battle system to crush hordes of challenging enemies
  • A story full of NPCs and monsters to discover

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