Sniper Elite 5 Landing Force Arrives

Fresh from the dev team, we’re excited to announce the latest DLC for Sniper Elite 5. It’s been a busy time in the Rebellion studio, as we’ve just launched our first big back of additional content for the game since it’s release in May.

Opening locks and breaching flood defences was just one way the Nazis kept the Allied Forces at bay. Drawing inspiration from this tactic, and images of Normandy during the events of D-Day, we’re bringing you a brand new multiplayer map. ‘Flooded Village’ is free to all players and available in all multiplayer modes, including No Cross.

This new map offers a number of great vantage points (ideal for No Cross) and a unique set of challenges and opportunities for solo and team based multiplayer warfare – be sure to explore the lowlands, causeway, and railway bridge!

We’ve also just launched the first selection of content from Season Pass One, including a thrilling new mission and two new weapons. Taking place on it’s own sprawling island off the coast of southern France, the new ‘Landing Force’ mission sees you infiltrating the once luxury resort turned costal defence – and it’s armed to the teeth!

Inspired by the classic film, ‘The Guns of Navarone’, the new mission is dominated by a huge gun battery carved into the mountainside. Under the shadow of night, you must infiltrate the island, take out the gun battery before shutting down the nearby lighthouses to signal the Allied Fleet – allowing Operation Dragoon to begin!

Explore the rich scenery and landscapes, with ancient ruins, forts, walls and abandoned structures – all brimming with history and hiding key intellegence that will aid you on your mission.

Available to buy either as part of the Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack or as part of the full Season Pass One, the new content is live digital stores now.

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