Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL 1st anniversary sale! New DLC pack available!


– Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL celebrates one year since its beginnings in Early Access with a sale
– Celebrate our one year with a discount on the base game for new users and new DLC for veteran players
– LILPA, a main vocalist of the virtual six member girl group ISEGYE IDOL, will be holding a special event for the release
Global game publisher CFK is proud to announce that today (November 4th) it will be holding a variety of promotional events to celebrate one year since the rhythm game Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL hit Early Access on Steam.
After its Early Access release on November 6th, 2021, Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL has received a steady stream of updates based on user feedback that have fleshed out this game by adding new songs by a wide variety of artists, including songs from the Touhou Project, adding customizable features, and adding quality of life improvements.
To repay the player base for their love and support throughout this year, CFK is holding several promotions to reward veterans and attract new players to the game. Through these promotions, the developers and publishers hope that more players can experience the rainbow of fun that is Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL.
● Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL – one year anniversary sale (November 4th-7th)
Before anything else, CFK will be holding a one year anniversary sale to draw more players to Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL and give them a chance to experience this rhythm game. The sale will go from Friday, November 4th to Monday, November 7th, when players can pick up Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL for 30% less than the base price.
● One year anniversary commemorative DLC pack – Luminous & Darkness
DLC Steam link:
On top of that, the DLC pack Luminous & Darkness will also be dropped on the Steam Store to commemorate this first anniversary. This DLC includes a total of nine songs, including the 8 winners of the SIXTAR PLANET music contest and a new original theme.
・Luminous & Darkness DLC track list (8 new tracks in total)
1. Lustroustravel / Artist: D-D-Dice (打打だいず)+seatrus
2. Síoraí / Artist: KθZyo
3. Mango Bingsu / Artist: Palami
4. 銀世界にひとり(Alone in the Silver World) / Artist: Virtual Noiz (後藤) feat. nayuta
5. Alone in Starlight / Artist: Palami
6. În amour / Artist: ZxNX
7. Star rider / Artist: Essbee
8. StellaR-MemoriA / Artist: Raphiiel
・New Luminous & Darkness custom theme
“Star of Brilliance, may you shine through the darkest of nights.”
The game will feature a new Luminous & Darkness theme, along with new artwork and animations.
● Join us for an event featuring LILPA, the main vocalist of the virtual girl group ISEGYE IDOL
As icing on the cake, one of the main vocalists of the six member girl group ISEGYE IDOL, LILPA, will be joining us to promote the new additions to Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL.
LILPA will meet with fans of Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL on her personal channel on November 6th at 8pm (KST). Through the “Unity Play” multiplayer mode, scheduled to be updated on November 4th, LILIPA will be able to enjoy some game sessions with the fans, and some lucky users will be selected to receive codes to download the new Luminous and Darkness DLC pack.
・LILPA’s Youtube Channel:
Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL, a rhythm game featuring the marriage of music and space, is currently in Early Access. You can pick it up at a 30% discount starting today (Friday, November 4th) until Monday, November 7th. Stay on the lookout because Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.
● Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL Steam page
 Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL – Luminous & Darkness Trailer
● Luminous & Darkness DLC pack Steam page
● Official Discord channel


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