‘Showa American Story’ and ‘DYING: 1983’ Discord Servers Unveiled by NEKCOM Games

'Showa American Story' and 'DYING 1983' Discord Servers Unveiled by NEKCOM Games
'Showa American Story' and 'DYING 1983' Discord Servers Unveiled by NEKCOM Games

Independent studio NEKCOM Games has announced that it is giving its approach to Discord an overhaul in order to support both of its upcoming titles, Showa American Story and DYING: 1983.

Until now, the studio housed the communities for both games within a single, general NEKCOM Games server. However, the studio believes that the time has come to create separate servers for each game, which will give each community space to grow independently and develop a distinct identity.

As such, the existing NEKCOM Games server has been revamped into the official server for the studio’s upcoming flagship title, Showa American Story. Additionally, a brand new server has also been created to support the studio’s first game, DYING: Reborn, and its upcoming sequel, DYING: 1983.

Both servers will feature a host of elements tailored to the interests of each community, including, but not limited to:

  • New channels
  • New bot functions
  • New emojis
  • New community events

The studio is excited to have this revitalized infrastructure in place to support the anticipated community growth that the team expects to see as it reveals more information about its games in the coming months.

Additional Game Information
Showa American Story
DYING: 1983

Showa American Story Discord: https://discord.gg/D7vMCeuzfd
DYING Discord: https://discord.gg/ezRVcN9RfF

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