Shadow of the Guild Open Beta in Steam

Shadow Of The Guild
Shadow Of The Guild

Choose your playstyle from the skill trees of assassins, mages, or warriors. Live up to your honor in Shadow of the Guild, a beat-em-up platformer with RPG progression. This heroic tale is based on bestselling books authored by the developer.

You are Yaràn, a warrior of the Rain Merchant’s Guild. Choose to infiltrate the greedy Empire by lurking in the shadows like a sneaky assassin, beat ’em up as a fierce warrior, or cast all-powerful spells upon the enemies.

Once you choose your path, you can upgrade your specific skills on your character, or develop all skills to be a balanced spy. Complete side quests, find attack combos, unlock the epic cutscenes revealing the story, and enhance your character with various consumables giving you new powers.

Shadow of the Guild will come out on PC in late 2022, with a playtime of roughly 6 hours.

Get the beta version of the game from Steam (Click “Request Access”) :