Sengoku Dynasty Set To Launch in 2023

Developer Superkami and publisher, Toplitz Productions, have revealed Sengoku Dynasty’s latest developer diary. Now set to launch in Q1 2023 to ensure a deep, polished experience, the co-operative survival builder showcases how players will build and develop their sprawling villages.

Offering robust tools to create and manage multiple locations, players will need to create an expansive settlement to increase their influence, obtain vital resources and develop their projects. From rice fields and bridges, to watchtowers and shrines, they’ll have complete freedom to create huge inter-connected towns however they wish. Alongside the addition of sake breweries, smithies to produce high-quality steel tools and weapons, players in multiplayer mode will need to work together to complete builds, gather resources and construct furniture.

Sengoku Dynasty is an all-new adventure set against the backdrop of a fictional Japan ravaged by famine and war. Players will need to rise from a simple peasant to become a legend, as they secure their legacy and build their Kingdom.

Whether choosing the path of a charismatic leader, skilful craftsman, famed warrior or a spiritual master, players won’t have to do it alone. Sengoku Dynasty offers a unique co-op mode that supports up to 4 players. With stunning biomes, Sengoku Dynasty sees players explore ancient forests and snowy mountain peaks as well as serene cherry groves and mist-covered hot springs. The open world is vast, beautiful and filled with a range of foes to fight against.

As players expand their influence across their Kingdom, they’ll be able to trade, build a community and manage their villagers. They’ll need to master key techniques to not only survive, but also meet their communities needs. Whether that’s by creating new tools, lodges or even mastering traditional Japanese weaponry, it will all be necessary to see your Kingdom thrive.

Set to launch Q1 next year, Sengoku Dynasty can be wishlisted now and will be available for preview during this week’s Gamescom to media who pre-book a hands-on experience.

Key Features Sengoku Dynasty

  • Survival Village Builder: Build a beautiful village, grow it into a thriving city and enjoy the feeling as new inhabitants populate your town. Build more towns and create a vibrant community all over the valley.
  • Life Simulator In Feudal Japan: Live your life in former times in beautiful Japan, from a peasant to a leader – make your way through history.
  • Play Solo And Co-Op: Build your legend on your own or get some help in conquering the vast map by grabbing some friends.
  • Sandbox Mode Or Story Mode: Choose your own playstyle. Follow the captivating story that grips you from the very beginning or explore an open world that allows you to unleash your creativity.
  • Developed In Cooperation With Japan History Experts: Every part of Sengoku Dynasty has been faithfully researched, from the smallest stones right through to its culture and politics; all should be historically accurate.
  • Deep Cultural Aspect: Learn more about the Japanese Culture in the Middle Ages and experience the fascinating traditions.
  • Deep Crafting And Building Mechanics: Craft tools, weapons, meals, medicine, and cultivate land. Work on Special Projects that will change the world.
  • Melee And Ranged Weaponry: Protect your village and your beloved ones: study weaponry, craft your weapons and learn how to use them. From simple wooden spears, through unique Japanese weapons and bows up to gunpowder.
  • Village And Family Management: Build up your villages, ensure their long-term existence and growth and create a prosperous dynasty for generations to come.

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