Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World, will launch in 2024

Independent developer Skyward Entertainment is thrilled to announce that its combat-fueled adventure about exploration and discovery, Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World, will launch in 2024. As revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2022, here is a first look at what to expect from this spellbinding action-RPG title.

With a heavy combination of platforming and RPG elements, Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World paints a colourful and vibrant world taking inspiration from well-loved platforming titles such as Crash Bandicoot and Banjo-Kazooie and blending them together with timeless robust action-RPGs like The Legend of Zelda and Bloodborne, to bring a unique world to life.

In Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World, brace for a heroic adventure set in a vast fantasy world where forces of good and evil are in conflict. Players will step into the shoes of a fearless young hero and set forth on an epic journey where they will traverse through a dark parallel world to understand their true purpose.

Your journey through Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World will require a mix of combat, exploration, puzzle solving and character customisation. On your quest through a land filled with adventure and excitement, you will encounter mettlesome monsters and terrifying bosses. Unleash the power of Manastones to devastate your opponents in glorious battle, defeat them and reap the rewards!

Explore everything from lush forests, to deep caves and far-reaching deserts, or dare to stray from the well-trodden path. Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World’s map is interconnected in a “Metroidvania” style giving players incentive to search every nook and cranny to discover secret Treasure Hunts that offer quick, versatile challenges. Collect Mana Beads to increase your character’s level and reveal visions unlocking secrets from a forgotten age.

“With Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World we wanted to create a truly magical and unique experience,” said Miko Kiuru, Creative Director of Skyward Entertainment. “We’re big fans of classic action-adventures like the Zelda and Metroid series, and particularly love the idea of ‘dark world’ versions of a world you already know, adding an eerie, uncanny twist to what we find familiar. That’s what we wanted Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World to do as a whole: take a genre you’re familiar with, but give it a fresh perspective with a plethora of discoveries that feel fresh and exciting.”

Skyward Entertainment


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