Scythe: Digital Edition will receive three major DLCs in the future

Scythe Digital Edition
Scythe Digital Edition

The Knights of Unity is excited to announce that Scythe: Digital Edition will receive three major DLCs in the future. Before this happens, the game will receive a free update that will add features requested by the community. That’s not all that has been prepared – players can count on several other quality of life improvements.

Scythe: Digital Edition went under the publishing wings of The Knights of Unity, which promised to develop a digital version of the popular board game, Scythe. That is why three DLCs referring to the additions from the original are being prepared.

The first fire goes to airships and The Wind Gambit DLC; then we plan to focus on Modular Board, and the last comes The Rise of Fenris. Details about them will be revealed at a later date. In addition, the community can count on updates to improve gameplay which will appear in the meantime.

All features are part of the roadmap, thanks to which Scythe: Digital Edition community knows what to expect from the future of their game. The Knights of Unity ensure they will do their best to improve the game under their guidance.

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