SCP Secret Files is announced at the Future Games Show

Chinese developer GameZoo Studio and video game publisher Pixmain today announced the September 13th release date for SCP: Secret Files in a new mind-bending trailer revealed at GamesRadar’s Future Games Show.

SCP: Secret Files is a new game based on the SCP Foundation community writing project’s extensive catalogue of anomalies alongside all-new scares. Featuring horror, thriller and puzzle solving elements, the game showcases the classified work of a secretive organisation dedicated to protecting the world from malicious anomalies.

With years of fan-created internet stories to draw from, SCP: Secret Files is set to have something for fans both old and new. Dedicated SCP Foundation veterans will spot popular SCP entries in the trailer, such as the psychic “witch child” known as SCP-239. For those yet to delve into the SCP rabbit hole, the game provides a gateway into the game’s expansive lore.

Players will take on the role of an SCP agent and experience an anthology of five diverse SCP cases, including fan favourites from the SCP universe and one entirely new entry. Tackle sand dunes across an impossibly endless desert, venture deep into an abandoned facility overrun by mysterious mannequins, and experience heart-pounding chase sequences through labyrinthine corridors. The game also features unique art styles for each “secret file”, including surreal cel-shading, uncanny realism and even pixel art.

Teana Zhang, Publishing producer at Pixmain said – “We can’t wait to de-classify the files when the game launches on September 13th. The SCP Foundation lore is vast, mysterious and fascinating all at the same time, and it’s been an honour bringing it to life in a way where players can come face to ‘face’ with iconic SCP entities hiding beyond the veil of reality.”

Xiaoliang Wang, Lead Developer at GameZoo said – “It’s been such a thrill to work on SCP: Secret Files. Having the chance to create a game with such a dedicated and creative fanbase has been both humbling and exciting. We aim to make SCP: Secret Files the most ambitious,comprehensive and immersive SCP Foundation game yet, and really hope that these adaptations will resonate with Foundation members around the world.”

SCP: Secret Files is set to launch on PC on 13th September 2022, and is currently available to wishlist on Steam here. You can find the official press kit here, and the date announcement teaser can be viewed here.

For further information, please visit the game’s official Discord and Twitter.
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