ScourgeBringer is out now on iOS and Android platforms

Developer Flying Oak Games and our little sister publisher PID Games (Paper Beast, Ghost of a Tale, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure) have announced that the fast-paced room-clearing platformer ScourgeBringer is out now on iOS and Android platforms, available on the App Store and Google Play.

In ScourgeBringer, play as Kyhra and explore the unknown, fighting your way through ancient machines and ever-changing dungeons in an attempt to uncover the secrets of an eldritch monolith that’s threatening to destroy the world. Armed with a trusty combat drone, slash and shoot your way through encounters and explore the infinite depths of a morphing dungeon to discover secrets from previous explorers’ travels. ScourgeBringer combines the rawness of early metroidvanias with fluid shooting and melee combat, vibrant pixel graphics and a punchy soundtrack to create an innovative roguelike platformer.

“We were thrilled with ScourgeBringer‘s reception when it launched on PC and consoles, so we wanted to bring it to an even greater market, and mobile devices were the next logical step,” said Thomas Altenburger, Game Director at Flying Oak Games. “ScourgeBringer was always designed for brief, addictive bursts of action, and having it on the go seems like the perfect way to experience it!”

What critics are saying:

“Another Roguelite that’s well worth your love” – Eurogamer
“ScourgeBringer is a wonderfully slick and addictive roguelite adventure” 9/10 – Nintendo Life
“ScourgeBringer is an addictive experience that delivers terrific arcade-style gameplay.” 4.5/5 –Hardcore Gamer”In a crowded roguelike market, ScourgeBringer is towards the top end of the list of games you should give a go.” –PlayStation Univer

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