Runner Heroes: Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 in Physical Edition

Runner Heroes Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 in Physical Edition
Runner Heroes Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 in Physical Edition

Break the Curse of Night and Day! Runner Heroes is NOW OPEN FOR PRE-ORDERS, in its first ever Physical Edition for PlayStation 5!

Funstock (London, UK) – September 28th, 2022 – Today, IKIGAI Play, Zerouno Games and Funstock are excited to announce that a physical edition of the action-adventure indie platformer Runner Heroes is coming in early 2023! Play as Colwyn and Lyssa, two royal lovers eternally doomed to be separated by the sun and moon – can you break the Curse of Night and Day?

Runner Heroes is a unique adventure in which you control two characters at the same time. Sprint your way through the mystical realm of Celuria, a war-torn land of magic, to break a wicked curse and reunite with your childhood sweetheart. 

“A fascinating story to unfold as you play. A cinematic camera system unlike anything I have played before.”

– Gamelegant

Watch the trailer:

A Royal Love Story

Follow Colwyn and Lyssa, heirs of their respective kingdoms, as an evil Red Witch prevents their love from flourishing.

Harness the magic of Celuria to fight her curse as she chases you across 5 challenging worlds! Escape her clutches by running, jumping, diving and riding mine cars across 47 action-packed levels, all optimised for the PlayStation 5. 

High-Fantasy Adventuring

Choose your own path as you make your way through Cerulia – but be careful! When one Runner dies, so does the other…

Follow the rich fantasy narrative, power up and improve your runs through the game’s custom RPG system, then get ready to face the final bosses! 

“A great diversity of scenarios, well defined and cared for […] character designs and villains with great detail and, most importantly, a great finish.”

– Micromania

Grow Stronger Together

Play in single mode or team up with a friend in 2 distinct co-operative modes! Control Colwyn and Lyssa independently, or work together to help one Runner succeed.

Can you work together to save your kingdoms from ruin?

Test Your Skills

Try out the different difficulty modes to put your stamina to the test! Or, if you’re in more of a completionist mood, find all of the collectibles scattered throughout the game! Maybe in the process you’ll discover the origins of the mysterious Red Witch…


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