Roterra 4 – Magical Revolution available for pre-order on the App Store

DiG-iT! Games® announced today their planned release of Roterra ® 4 – Magical Revolution, continuing their popular Roterra ® gravity-defying cube puzzle series. Set in the magical world of Roterra, where “up” is relative, players will continue to activate switches and magical portals to find their way through complex mazes full of scrambled paths, hidden blocks, and rotating gems as they traverse the world of floating islands.

More twist and turns await: the Wizard has revealed her true self, escalating the battle for the crown to a new level as she changes the environment to suit her needs. Lava-filled caves, moving water and attacking creatures complicate matters for Angelica and Orlando, who are now forced to work together to battle this new threat. The journey could not be more perilous for all, but fear not, everyone has magical powers in Roterra, and the magical revolution might not be as successful as the Wizard planned.

“We are very excited to be picking up where we left off in Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist. Our team is busy creating immersive puzzle experiences, environments and more,” says Suzi Keehn, Chief Executive Officer of DIG-IT! Games. “The new Roterra games also include a pinch and zoom camera option, that we recently delivered in Roterra 3 versions 1.1+. This was one of the most requested features of our players and they were excited to see this option for better player control.”

Roterra 4 promises newly hand-crafted puzzles and levels, similar in size to Roterra 3. The game will follow our proven formula that AppStore editors termed “incredibly smart level design”. Additional details and story will be shared on our social media channels (@playroterra) as Roterra 4 – Magical Revolution nears a release date this winter.

Since the original 2019 launch of Roterra-Flip the Fairytale, the series continues to receive excellent reviews, ratings and recognition from Apple App Store editors including New Games We Love and Game of the Day.

The game is now available for pre-order on the App Store.

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