Roniu’s Tale Gets A Public Release

The magic has arrived! In celebration of today’s public release, Mega Cat Studios and developer Kunjee Studio have dropped a brand new launch trailer and giveaway for fans of the action-puzzler Roniu’s Tale! Honoring the puzzle classics of yesteryear, such as Solomon’s Key and Adventures of Lolo, this re-imagined take locks you in a magical world of phantoms and sorcery and is now available for fans everywhere!

Featuring new art from the Kunjee Studio’s Rafael Barradas, the new trailer has you follow Roniu, an aspiring run-away magician, as he stumbles his way into an inescapable magic dungeon. Discover the four magic skills necessary to defeat mystical enemies, overcome bosses and navigate the crumbling pathways of the subterranean landscape!

Roniu’s Tale offers single-player, puzzle-driven action, with dungeons of enemies with one singular goal: keeping you trapped. Take on over 40 mind-boggling levels, and help Roniu collect all orbs and keys to save his ghost companion and survive the death traps that surround him. The dungeon is daunting, but with the help of a friend and the power within – Roniu might escape.

You, too, can unlock the power within and purchase the complete in-box set, available now on the Mega Cat Studios website or enter to win Roniu’s Tale game cartridge via their giveaway. The winner will be selected on September 26th, 2022.


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