Roguelike Deckbuilder Beneath Oresa Early Access Launches On Steam

Beneath Oresa
Beneath Oresa

Indie game development studio Broken Spear today launched its highly-anticipated 3D rogue-like deck-builder, Beneath Oresa in Early Access for PC on Steam. As shown in the new launch trailer (link), the Early Access version has one card set representing one faction and is feature-complete, so players can anticipate all the beautiful environments and replayability of the full version.

Beneath Oresa is available today in Early Access on Steam for the discounted price of $24.99 USD. Early Access players can expect additional faction card pools and other updates to the game over the coming months, with the full launch slated for May 2023.

“We set out to create an experience inspired by games we love, but one that raises the bar in terms of its production values and 3D combat,” said Renaud Bartens, Broken Spear co-founder. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception the game has received so far, so we wanted to get the game into the hands of the players while we complete the final polishing and play-balancing.”

Beneath Oresa features 3D ‘spatial fighting’ or combat that is influenced by character proximity, a forked upgrade system with tough choices that have real consequences, and European cartoon-inspired aesthetic.

Key Features:

●   Fully 3D with spatial combat system
●   Mobius-inspired art style
●   Multiple Factions or card pools, each with three uniquely powered heroes.
●   Companion System – choose a second hero and their skill set to accompany you
●   Forked “Cornelian dilemma” card upgrade system
●   Fully generated runs, allowing for longer game sessions (30; 45 min) and greater replayability.

Beneath Oresa is available now for PC on Steam in Early Access, with the full launch slated for PC in May 2023, with other platforms to follow. For more information or to sign up for development updates, please visit

About Broken Spear, Inc.

Broken Spear is a Montreal-based independent game development studio comprised of veteran talent focused on evolving and building upon popular genres to create modern gameplay experiences. Founded in 2019, the studio is currently working on its inaugural title, Beneath Oresa, a 3D deckbuilding rogue-like game slated for release in 2022.


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