Little Neuron LLC announces ‘Robo Legend’ Release Date

Little Neuron LLC announces a November 10, 2022 release date for Robo Legend, as well as participation in Steam Next Fest from October 3-10, 2022. Robo Legend is a retro-pixel-art Twin-Stick Shooter RPG where your choices make you a Hero or a Villain.

Robo Legend on Steam

Play as Robo, a mercenary robot, and write the legend of your choice to become the saviour or tyrant of Gear City. Explore a new world and its varied biomes, filled with perils, dungeons, bosses, items to collect and meet its local robotic population.

Help, or not, the inhabitants of Gear City through multiple side quests and mini-games, pet a robot dog, upgrade your weapons and equipment, and battle the hordes of Voidbot’s enemy robots with one goal in mind: to fulfill your destiny!

More about Robo Legend

Steam Page:

How you choose to undertake the quests that come your way will decide your fate. Become the legendary hero protector of the robots against the tyrant Voidbot, or simply overthrow him to take his place at the top of the evil army. Be careful though, if your legend can take you to the top, it can also take you down into the mines as a slave.

Game Features Robo Legend

  • Be Good or Evil – Your choices, your actions, your Legend!
  • Discover 10 different endings – Based on the paths you decide to take.
  • Explore 7 biome areas – From swamps to frozen lands, and hidden areas
  • Achieve over 25 quests – A lot of main and side quests to complete during your journey
  • Meet with colorful robots – A whole population of robots with children, peasants, craftsmen, pets and Voidbot, the current tyrant.
  • Visit Gear Town – A charming, old-West style town.
  • Upgrade your weaponry – Collect powerful weapons along the way and become more deadly
  • Improve your stuff – Earn extra armor and chips for upgrades at Volt’s gym.
  • Solve Mini-games and Riddles – including a fishing minigame with robo-fish and drone spears
  • Enjoy A high-octane, rocking soundtrack. Perfect for shredding evil robots.
  • Simulate robot combats – A combat simulator to blow up tons of robots, with style.
  • Select your difficulty. From easy to very hard, adjust the challenge according to your wishes.

“Good Dog!” – Robo

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