Check Out Roadwarden’s New Accolades Trailer

Roadwarden is inspired by one of the oldest video game genres—text adventures—but still manages to do everything right for modern audiences, not limited to delivering a truly compelling role-playing experience. 

From publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Moral Anxiety Studio, Roadwarden’s interactive novel gameplay structure almost comes second to its atmospheric and thoughtful storytelling served in aesthetically low-key pixel art style. But, we’re not the only ones who think so. Since its launch last week, Roadwarden’s earned itself over 260 positive Steam reviews with a whopping 96% score. 

Check out some of what your peers have had to say so far: 

Roadwarden is, all told, one of the most absorbing, considered and rewarding fantasy games I’ve ever played…” — Eurogamer

“I keep thinking about Roadwarden like a tourist city that I visited for not quite long enough.” — Rock Paper Shotgun

“…it’s so refreshing to play Roadwarden, a thoroughly 21st century text adventure.” – Metro

Earning the Eurogamer Essential Award and listed on Polygon’s “The 17 Most Exciting Video Game Releases of Fall 2022” and being recognized by Yogcasts Tiny Teams EventRoadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG in which players take on the profession of the titular roadwarden,  exploring and changing a hostile, grim realm. A modern take on classic text-driven choose-your-own-adventure RPGs, Roadwarden’s gameplay is entirely driven by scenarios presented through text, with players making decisions based on events happening around them. With the option to spec the protagonist to be a warrior, mage, or scholar based on what abilities are upgraded,   players will traverse through an enigmatic peninsula to spread the Merchant Guild’s influence. 

For those who want a taste of the adventure, an official demo is available for download on Steam.

View Roadwarden’s Accolades trailer here

Roadwarden is now available on Steam and GOG for £8.29 / €10.99 / $10.99. Learn more and explore the dev’s other endeavors at the official site:

To keep up to date with the latest Roadwarden news, follow Assemble Entertainment on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.  

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