Rivalia: Dungeon Raider by Fsix Games available on PlayStation Store and Steam

Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders, the game developed by Fsix Games, and edited by Gammera Nest with support from PlayStation Talents, will be available on October 5th on PlayStation Store and Steam in Europe and America.

Have you ever imagined waking up and discovering that you were trapped in a space-time loop with 3 complete strangers? I’m sure you have. Well, sharpen your sword, refill your quiver, drink a mana potion and get ready, because you’ll need it if you want to defeat the “not at all evil jester” and his entourage of horrifying monsters that have taken control of Rivalia’s castle.

Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders is a single-player ARPG and Roguelike video game, with a cartoon art style that combines the best of both genres. In it, you will take control of 4 protagonists who must confront the evil jester who has wrapped the castle of Rivalia in a space-time loop.

Rivalia´s Key features

  • Break Rivalia’s castle curse along six levels and three different biomes.
  • Enjoy a different run every time you start anew, thanks to Rivalia’s procedurally generated dungeons.
  • Instantly switch between the four main characters to defeat all the enemies, including the bosses, that prevent you from breaking the curse.
  • Loot, gather, and craft materials and upgrade your equipment to finally bring back peace to Rivalia’s castle.
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  • Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders will be available on PS4, and Steam on October 5th in America and Europe.
  • Beat six procedurally generated levels and instantly switch between your characters to lift Rivalia’s castle curse.
  • Play as four characters with different skills: Ashelin, Halmor, Yhorm and Evanya.

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