RETOOLED’s official Gameplay Trailer and Demo on Steam

RETOOLED’s official gameplay trailer and demo on Steam
RETOOLED’s official gameplay trailer and demo on Steam

Today, Swarm Creations gave the world it’s very first look at RETOOLED’s official gameplay trailer and access to the public demo on Steam.

Watch the brand new trailer right here:
Demo is available on Steam:

RETOOLED is a fast, fluid movement shooter. Far out into space a mining facility has taken a turn for the worse after a mysterious signal appeared that sent the facility into chaos. Will you resist, rebel and reclaim… or perish?

While facing a diverse and dynamic enemy lineup, each one serving a specific role like a piece on a chess board. With the use of a system called AI master that changes the spawns and orders of the enemies around making no arena fight like another. Designed to put you into the funzone and force you to react in the moment.

Wreck these robots to metal tunes handled by a dynamic music system. What are you waiting for? Just bunnyhop your way into the fast paced action that demands the use of all your arsenal and abilities. Fight your way through increasingly complex arenas designed to take full advantage of the player movement system.

RETOOLED is forged to challenge your skills.