Rail Route’s eighth update in honor of the Day of the Programmer

Falling on the 100th hexadecimal day of the year (or, to non-programmers, the 256th day of the year), Programmers’ Day is a celebration of the profession that brings us, among other things, video games. To Rail Route, though, the day serves as an even more special occasion – as a celebration of the software that allows our trains to run on time, and on which Rail Route is based on.

“Programmers’ Day serves a special importance to the Rail Route team – without modern dispatching software, our trains wouldn’t run on time!” Rail Route creator Zdeněk Doležal says. “Since we’re so inspired by the real-life dispatching software, we wanted to pay homage to its creators, and those who use it daily, in terms of a themed update.”

In celebration of the real-life computer-aided dispatching systems (and the programmers that created them), Rail Route’s Update 8 is adding advanced programmability functions to the game – including the ability to better program in-game sensors and signals to better respond to all kinds of scenarios. And, don’t worry – no need to be a programmer yourself. Rail Route’s programmability options are all made easy and accessible with sleek UI changes and drop-down boxes!

Rail Route’s Update 8 (and associated sale) will be available from the 13th September on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1124180/Rail_Route/

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