“Radiant Silvergun” now available on NintendoSwitch

Radiant Silvergun now available on NintendoSwitch
Radiant Silvergun now available on NintendoSwitch

Live Wire Inc has ported and developed the vertical scrolling shooting game “Radiant Silvergun” for NintendoSwitch™, and started distribution worldwide on September 14, 2022 Wednesday. Please enjoy this legendary strategic shooting game!

The shooting game “Radiant Silvergun”, which has received high praise for its strategy and score system. Which uses 8 types of weapons to advance strategy, is now available on Nintendo Switch™ for the first time!

You can enjoy 5 levels of difficulty settings. Story mode newly added from the arcade version and an online ranking where you can compete with rivals around the world for scores.

There is also an Ikaruga mode where you can enjoy the game rules of the shooting game “Ikaruga” released as the second “ProjectRS”.

Enjoy the legendary shooting game, which has been revived 11 years after being ported to Xbox Live Arcade, on the latest game hardware.

On September 13, 2022, “Radiant Silvergun” was introduced in Nintendo Direct.

Radiant Silvergun Download Version | My Nintendo Store https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/radiant-silvergun-switch/

Nintendo Switch™ Radiant Silvergun Official Website https://www.live-wire.co.jp/sp-shooting

Promotional movie https://youtu.be/wGkOxWAhjbM


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