Radiance Adventure Engine for enjoying tabletop RPGs

Want to play an RPG solo? With The Radiance Adventure Engine, you can be both the player and the gamemaster. You can play a tabletop RPG on your own, using any system at any time.

Interested in gamifying your gamemastering? Radiance is a fantastic tool for anyone looking for a way to run a tabletop RPG with little or no prep, while continuously sparking creativity in the GM and players.

How is Radiance played? Using the Radiance cards, players create an adventure in a four-act structure that mimics the type of narrative arcs seen in novels, movies, and television shows. As the story, path, stage, and detail cards are set in action, players will weave the story prompts on each card into dramatic challenges for their hero(s). Then, they’ll roleplay through the adventure using the rules of their preferred TTRPG system, working to overcome the challenges they set up.

For those who like to go deep, they can add more complexity to adventure generation by taking advantage of The Radiance Adventure Engine’s special mechanics – e.g., resolving B-stories, adding complications, and earning hero rewards. Or they can keep it simple in “Imagination Mode”, where they use the cards as general inspiration when designing their next adventure.

Nothing Can Stop You From Playing the Tabletop RPGs You Love.
Backers can help Oddfish Games bring this extraordinary tool to life, and help unlock additional tools, including Radiance Advanced, The Luminous Campaign Engine, and The Shine Storytelling Engine.
In addition, thanks to the partnership of PegInc, and Modiphius, the Radiance Kickstarter will include reward tiers that bundle The Radiance Adventure Engine with physical copies of some of your favorite RPG systems.

The Gallant Goblin Interviews OddFish Games at Gen Con: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXgAPxyOj88

Watch The Radiance Adventure Engine Actual Play Videos: https://youtu.be/1cE6oItzM6A

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